Yangmin have currently focused on automobile coil springs, therefore our products include original spring, aftermarket spring, lowering spring, coil-over springs, torsion  springs and so on. The other products including motorcycles, bicycles, valve springs, pipe seats, Electric car spring, light weight spring, Torsion spring, extension spring, Roller shutter, Aerospace spring, Industrial spring, die spring, auger feeding spring,customized spring, customized spring, etc.

 All the products of Yangmin are used cold forged process to get the more complicated springs.The coil spring’s diameter are ranges from Φ 2.0mm to Φ 20.0mm. We offer OEM service, as well as ODM design for our customers. To achieve full QC control of our production, all springs' production are conducted in our facility. Yangmin thrives on collaboration, innovation and development, hoping to offer the best product for our customers and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.